Maintenance and Operations

Against a backdrop of ageing assets and pressure to cut costs, many infrastructure owners and operators find it hard to manage the balance between cutting costs, managing risks and improving performance.

Technology-based modernisation programmes mostly fail to deliver on their promises, leaving executives looking for a new approach.


We recognise that solving this challenge is not just about modernising I.T. systems and providing training; it is first and foremost about changing processes to focus on the most critical infrastructure assets and customers, and using insight from data to better manage the risks.

By abstracting the data held in those systems into a separate intelligence layer it becomes possible for a business to move fast whilst retaining existing I.T. systems.

The intelligence layer can be used to rapidly develop, test and deliver new types of decision-making capability that change how infrastructure investment decisions are made, how work is optimised, how work is delivered and how outcomes are measured.

This data-enabled approach is best supported by an operational data unit designed to maintain and grow the value of your data capital. It treats information as an asset in its own right, with investment and governance to match.

Our Momentum Strategy approach guides you through building an information-enabled vision, based on propositions with the greatest value for customers, workforce, supply chain, investors and other stakeholders.

This vision is then turned into actionable delivery through:

– an implementation strategy, designed to unlock the greatest value early-on

– a data governance framework, to make sure key data is treated as an asset

– a service-based operating model for data, separate from your IT operations

– a change roadmap, to establish a common language for the transformation journey

The benefits

Our clients are able to move beyond the incremental gains of cost efficiency to focus on the step-change benefits that come from being more effective, supported by an engaged, motivated and empowered workforce.