Service Provision

Critical National Infrastructure services are rarely designed with flexibility in mind.

Roads were designed with fixed lanes, directions and speeds. Energy networks with fixed capacity. Yet, with the advent of connected vehicles, micro-generation and off-grid storage, the opportunity arises to shake off fixed constraints and make far better use of the assets we already have.

The potential customer, economic and environmental prizes are huge. Realising this requires digital capability to optimally regulate the flow of people, traffic, trains, energy and utility services to respond to changing levels of demand.

Delivered in real-time. These are the Smart Grids, Smart Roads and Smart Networks we need to deliver our sustainable low-carbon future.


Aviation and energy transmission industries introduced real-time ‘system operator’ capability to optimally regulate use of limited capacity. This type of capability requires understanding of both current and future demand as well as supply configuration options and constraints.

The ‘system operator’ approach can apply equally to other sectors like road, rail, energy distribution and utility networks. We help our clients plan and design system-operator-like capability, covering:

– Industry and value chain modelling, to work with stakeholders to identify new sources of value and determine who best does what in a more dynamic system

– Business case development, to build the case for change and identify key capabilities required to enable a smarter way of managing supply and demand

– Real-time data and network model requirements, to build a proof-of-concept and enable a fast-start on future pilot projects

– Digital platform requirements and market evaluation for capacity optimisation and real-time control

Our Momentum Strategy approach helps our clients deliver the best service outcome possible working within the fixed limitations of their infrastructure.

It’s not just about adding a system operator capability to make that work; it’s about establishing a purpose-led transformation that helps employees and key stakeholders become far more aware of value of service, social and economic outcomes they can unlock, and building a roadmap that shows how and when those benefits will be realised.

The benefits

Our clients improve service outcomes for customers and learn to build a far more customer-centric culture.

They also achieve a better return for investors or funders – measured in revenue or in output – improving the return on the capital assets they own or manage. That includes growing the value of data capital, which very few companies currently include on their balance sheet.

Through this work our clients usually discover a renewed sense of purpose that helps engage and motivate their workforce.